Sexy blue-eyed John Stalling's is off to Asia -- Tomorrow! -- but before he jumped on a plan, OUTzone grabbed him by the short and curlies and asked him: What's up? Lucky for us, he didn't kick or scream, but smiled and caught us up with his goings-on. 

What are you up to now? Modeling? Acting? Where? 
I'm currently represented by My Mother agency in Las Vegas, Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency in LA, Seoul Entertainment in Seoul, South Korea, L'agence Presse in Japan, Major models in Milano and I have been living in Los Angeles to be closer to the Janice Dickinson Modeling agency. I would love to get into some kind of acting, but for now I'm being taken on a nice ride with my modeling career -- it's a passion of mine! :) 

How was your experience on the show? Did you love it? Hate it?
The experience on “Manhunt: The Search for America's Most Gorgeous Male Model” was, in fact, a great time -- especially skydiving in my underwear for the first episode! I never thought I would have that kind of opportunity and I loved it -- as for the rest of the show itself once it aired ... it didn't get the right marketing even though we had some great billboards out in Times Square and LA and all over bus stops, but for some reason it just wasn't taken so seriously by the community. 

What about while it was airing? Did you watch with friends? Did you get stopped on the street?
I wasn't around to watch it with friends or family, but I know my sister had a "Manhunt Party" when it first premiered, which was very nice and even made my favorite alcoholic drinks for her friends in honor of me! Haha ... I had some good one-liners on that show and I got called out on them from friends here and there -- I got stopped on the street a couple times, I was the one that people remembered because of my eyes. Haha.

Did it help your career? Or do you wish it had done more?
As for my career in the industry after being on the show, I would say NO it didn't quite do much for me personally gaining more jobs or getting other representation. I was only on for a couple episodes anyway, but that also gave me the chance to be able to quickly get back out in the real world of modeling and go from there. After seeing the show and the different photo shoots they did -- I could have rocked them, but I had to go when the judges said, and the best part is that I still keep in touch with some of the guys -- it's hard, since everyone doesn't live near each other anymore, but that's what was really worth being on the show is the friends you make and meeting the great crew that worked behind the scenes! Stuart Krasnow, Executive Producer on the show, is an amazing guy that I truly feel is a great friend of mine! 

Is there anything about your personal life you can share with us? Hobbies? New car? Partner? Romance?New in my life now -- well I just became an Uncle back in October, so that was extremely exciting -- thank you to my sister and niece is BEAUTIFUL and cannot wait to see her grow up and be the COOL UNCLE to her! No new car -- been living around different places too much that I cannot seem to save the money to really think about materialistic things like that YET! As for romance -- I did just meet an amazing person about a month ago. It's all about taking life day-by-day and working out details in the present. I really like being involved in this relationship, but I'm leaving the country very soon - let's hope I can continue it when I get back! 

And your trip to Asia: What's it for? Work or Pleasure?
Well, I'm flying off to Seoul, South Korea for a 2+month contract and then I just got a Japanese agency to represent me, so I may even just go from Korea to Japan and work off that contract too - I could be gone for as long as 4 months, but it's the opportunities that I'm given that I take full-force and if this is going to be a gain financially and even spiritually - then I'm more than happy to be a part of it- it's about being a skinny, Utah-boy now having life experiences with new people, places, cultures that I accept into my life and embrace it whole heartedly! So you could say that my line of work in this industry is definitely a mixture of both business and pleasure! 


EDWARD FROM CONNEX Edward: Welcome John! It´s really nice to have you with us. What are your personal and professional interests?...[more]


For those who don't get discovered and take off before their voices change, their relationship with the industry can be a lot like Sienna and Jude: on again, off again.

John Stallings and modeling are currently on good terms but he knows that could change (for better or worse) any day now. Even so, he won't let his heart stray from the sometimes brutal industry. "I have to follow my passions full-force," said the 26-year-old.
Stallings, originally from Sandy, Utah, holds a Bachelor's degree in marketing from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, but don't let the credentials fool you. "I don't have a Bachelor's degree to have something to 'fall back on,' " he said. "I have it because it was instilled in me to get a degree, find a job, cash out my 401k and die. But that's not me."

What is him? See for yourself on "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency," where Stallings joins the rest of the self-proclaimed "first American supermodel's" clan of fledglings in a quest to be the next "it" boy or girl. 
Until that actually happens, the former dancer is still walking amongst the rest of us. In fact, he might be the guy who concocted your tall frapuccino this morning. To make ends meet, Stallings serves 'em up daily at Starbucks. "You have to understand self-sufficiency," he said. "Right now I'm just trying to get myself recognized."

It won't be long before that happens right here. Look for Stallings in an upcoming advertising campaign for the Palms' new Fantasy Towers.


“I’m not getting paid a ton of money, but modeling is a passion. This is what I love to do and I think you should always wake up being happy doing what you’re doing...[more]

South China Morning Post: 03/19/2008

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